Building Blocks for Independents


This wiki (created on the FifthOfNovember, 2006) is the live community counterpart of a presentation I gave on March 11th 2006 at the SXSW Interactive conference titled "Creating Building Blocks for Independents". --Tantek


The purpose of this wiki is to list, document, brainstorm and expand the BuildingBlocks for independents.





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Page naming: for the translated version of a page, use the same name for the page, and simply add the RFC 3066 language identifier code as a dash suffix. E.g. for a Spanish version, FrontPage would become FrontPage-es, and BuildingBlocks becomes BuildingBlocks-es. Start with the FrontPage and translate the pages it links to and so on. Check the list of AllPages for non-suffixed (pages without a "-xx" suffix) for additional pages to translate.


We're still figuring this out.


See also the Wikipedia page on Multilingual coordination, and How to start a new Wikipedia for some good general tips, advice, and community conventions for translating wiki pages.



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