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Create Building Blocks


  • Independent ideals
    • one person, or maybe just a few, can master it and make use of it
    • anyone can set one up
    • anyone can use it
    • anyone can maintain it
  • Innovation
    • inventing new things
    • repurposing old things
      • renaming old things
      • using old things for new purposes
      • assembling old things into new patterns, e.g. AJAX
  • Freedom
    • free to take your data whereever you want
    • free to innovate and improve on others works
      • open source
      • reverse engineering
  • Transparency
    • developed in the open
    • using open resources
      • irc
      • wiki
    • openly document financial details
      • so everybody can learn from all past experiences.


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  • Are the building blocks part of an emergent pattern, that is, was each block made just for itself, but happened to make sense in a broader context, or is it possible to pursue the pattern itself of creating building blocks that fit together? - Tantek, 2008-07-12


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