Building Blocks


Keeping in mind the DefinitionOfBuildingBlocks, in particular #3, usable by non-experts, here is a brief but growing list.


Original List

Created or added after SXSW 2006


Emerging Building Blocks

This list of building blocks documents those that are usable now, not just ideas for building blocks. However, such ideas are often the first step towards the creation of actual building blocks, and as such, you may review and add to them on the BuildingBlockIdeas page.


Building Blocks for Experts

This wiki explicitly focuses on building blocks for a broad set of independents (hence: usable by non-experts). However it may be useful to also document those building blocks that require expertise (like being a developer) as well, but on a separate page, so as to not dilute the value of these more universally usable building blocks. See BuildingBlocksForExperts for more.


Commercial Building Blocks

BuildingBlocks tend to be free and open and independent of any one commercial entity, business etc. However, commercial building blocks can still empower independents, and thus we have created a page for listing commercial services that can be considered building blocks for independents: CommercialBuildingBlocks.



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